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Cheryl Hickey Reveals Her Personal Style

We caught up with Cheryl Hickey, host of ET Canada, to talk about her personal style, the fashion that inspires her and how her look has evolved over the years.

How would you describe your personal style?

Contemporary fashion by day, and then on the show in the evening, it’s like going out with the girls on a Saturday night. I like to think of it as though every night I’m getting dressed up to go out with our viewers.

Who are your style icons?

I would have to say a mix between Elle Macpherson, Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow. Each of them has styles I really love and that reflect my personal style. And our stylist, Alicia, inspires me. I definitely look to her for style advice 110 per cent.

Do you have a personal tyle guru?

Absolutely. In fact, this article wasdone in tandem with ET Canada’sstylist, Alicia McNamara, because she is responsible for helping me evolve my style. Because of Alicia, I now know which cuts and brands are best suited for my body type. It makes a big difference when you have a person to provide an honest opinion and encourage you to try on outfits you wouldn’t normally pick.

Has your style changed over the years?

Oh gosh yes! If you go online and type my name in, you will be blown away with what you find. It’s changed with what’s going on in my life, and my body. I’ve been anywhere from 120 pounds to 195 pounds. A message for all women is that, realistically, the majority of us are not a sample size, and beautiful dresses come in all shapes and sizes. And even though sometimes it’s really frustrating when you put them on, you have to embrace your body and choose what works for you. I’ve evolved a ton, and especially since Alicia has come, she’s brought some body confidence back, and that’s a big part of style.

What city in the world best exemplifies your personal style?

It would be L.A. and the West Coast because I like sweats and flip-flops, mixed in with a bit of Hollywood glam.

What is your favourite era, fashion and style-wise?

There are bits of the ‘70s that I like. I like the high-waisted pants and the whole Studio 54 vibe. It was a really good time in fashion and I think there’s still bits of that bleeding back into fashion today.

What style elements from other eras do you wish would make a comeback?

My mom had this very cool jacket, with faux fur around the wrist and the collar, and a belt around the waist. It was beautiful and I still love that look in the winter.

What is the worst style trend ever?

Mom jeans. From the back they look really good, but from the front they just look like mom jeans. Sorry to anyone who’s reading this if you love mom jeans.

What fabrics and colours are you drawn to?

Any thick bodycon fabric, especially for on-air because there can’t be any fabrics that show through on camera. For colours, definitely blues. I love periwinkle blue and I always wear a lot of white. I like yellow but it’s hard to find clothing options in that colour.

What are your personal style essentials in your home, your wardrobe, or your life?

Nipple pasties, hammer pants, comfy sweats, toques, accessories and I’ve got workout clothes for days.

What’s on your style wish list?

In my house, I would really like one of those big circle lounger beds with the canopy cover for my backyard. I love cars, I’d like any convertible and I love the big SUV Range Rovers. In terms of style, I need to start collecting purses more. One day I hope to get to a place where I can buy more designer purses without feeling guilty. 

ET Canada airs weeknights at 7pm PT/7:30pm ET on Global.