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  • Images source Houzz.com

Cat got your tongue? And your bed, and your couch

In years gone by, the doghouse was a shack in the background; fitted with a dirty blanket and a bowl of murky water..if the pooch was lucky. In fact, it was the origin of negativity for most husbands who had wronged their wives.. “Oh, he's in the doghouse again!” Well, good news, husbands...and dogs! These days, being sent to the doghouse is more likely a lesson in luxury as pet owners are catering to their pets' needs and comfort with high-end furnishings and accessories.

According to a recent survey from Houzz, our homes revolve around our pets. Canadian cats have it

the best as 71% of owners are fessing up to catering to their felines. Dog owners dig it too, as 56% of the population admit to fussing over Fido.

And that's not all. The Houzz Pets & the Home Canada survey found that:

Remodelling Goes to the Dogs (and Cats) -- Nearly one-third of dog and cat owners have made pet-related upgrades to their home in the last two years (32%), including updating their flooring (35%), oom layout (22%) and landscaping (20%).

A Home of Their Own -- Nearly half of pet parents have dedicated spaces in their homes for their dog or cat (42%). This includes beds/seating areas (66%), dining areas (43%) and play structures (25%). One in five have a built-in pet nook (19%).

Cat Got Your Bed? -- 46% of cat owners and 38% of dog owners share their bed with their pets at night.

Pet Peeves -- Fur/hair is the top challenge for pet owners in the home (70%), followed by tracking in dirt/mud/outdoor elements (50%) and smells (27%).
Dogs Command More Dollars -- 23% of dog owners spent over $1,000 on pet items for the home in the last two years vs. 13% of cat owners. Meanwhile, 31% of cat owners spent less than $100 vs. 21% of dog owners.