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Carson Arthur’s Top Tips on Growing a Great Garden

Chances are what works for your neighbours, will work for your garden too.

Homeowners always want a simple set of directions to help them get the right plant in the right spot. Unfortunately, there are so many different variables to every single home that there is no way for me to personally help. That said...here is my foolproof method to get you on the right path to having your own successful garden.

  • 1.Spy on your neighbours. Yes, I am actually advising you to peek over the fence or to take a very slow drive-by of homes around you. Get your camera or smartphone and start snapping pictures of their gardens.
  • 2. Take pictures of your own garden. Be candid with lots of close-ups and several distance shots.(These pictures will be very important to the next step.)
  • 3. Take all of your photos to the garden centre and ask for a plant expert.

Logically these three simple little steps make so much sense. It’s amazing how many people don’t do them. With similar soils and weather patterns, the plants that are doing well in your neighbour’s yards will probably do very well in yours. Pay attention to the combinations of plants, to heights, and to the proximity of the plants to trees and the house. These are all indicators of where that particular plant is best suited. By taking those pictures of your favourite plant possibilities and the photos of your space, the plant expert at the local garden centre will be able to help identify the plants that you want to grow and steer you in the right direction for plants that will actually grow in the spaces you have.