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  • Cape Breton for Trump haters

Cape Breton Dubbed the ‘Land of the Flee’ for Trump Haters

A Nova Scotia-based radio host has a message for his neighbours to the south: Americans who fear having Donald Trump as president can always move to Cape Breton.

In fact, Rob Calabrese, a popular radio show host on The Giant 101.9, launched his very own website: Cape Breton if Donald Trump Wins.

“Every American election, you have a group of people—usually Democrats—who say, ‘That's it, I'm moving to Canada if a Republican wins,’” says Calabrese during a live interview with The National, CBC.

“Hey, if you're going to move to Canada, why not move to Cape Breton?”

The reaction from Calabrese’s website has been unreal. Popular news networks like Fox, CNN, ABC and CBS, have been closely following the popularity of the new website, especially among Americans.

The site has had over 300,000 hits since launching only a few days ago.

“I've been contacted a lot by people who appear to be earnestly asking about moving here,” he says. “They're asking genuine questions about things like the immigration process and the economics. It's been taken seriously by some people, which is great and not intended, but I'm going to help them out as best I can.”

At present Trump is leading in the Republican presidential race.