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  • Yukon Gold Big Al

Big Al McGregor Honours Late Wife in Yukon Gold Season 4

Yukon Gold fans are in for another exciting season. Season four of The History Channel’s fan-favourite Canadian docu-series will air on Wednesday, February 17 (10:00 PM ET/PT).

All the mining camps this season will be full of action as miners juggle multiple roles with their personal lives. There’s certainly no doubt viewers will get to soak up plenty of drama as they will witness first-hand the physical and emotional struggles each set of gold miners endures during the 16-week gold mining season in the Yukon.

However, this season will be extra-special as it will see the return of ‘Big Al’ McGregor. With a laugh as big as the Yukon, it seems nothing could bring McGregor down—until last season. ‘Big Al’ was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a rare blood cancer, and he lost his beloved wife, Colleen.

Determined to honour Colleen’s memory and their dream of retirement at the mine on Indian River, ‘Big Al’ has fought his way back to find peace, regain his strength and finally hit the motherlode to get gold.

“Season four is critical to me,” says McGregor during an interview with HOSS Magazine. “I get to tell the story of my wife and pay tribute to her, and it all means so much to me.”

“If my story on how I have persevered after Colleen’s death inspires just one person, then I will be a very happy man. Life is not fair most of the time and it’s a true honour that I get to share her story with our fans.”

McGregor says he is thrilled to be back in action.

“It’s a fun show to be a part of,” he says. “Everyone is great to work with too—from the cast to the production crew. I also get a kick out of being a bit of a celebrity—it’s kind of fun being noticed when you are out in public.”

So, what is McGregor’s key ingredient for success in life, even if you don’t score gold?

“Work hard and do what you love,” he says. “None of us were promised anything when we were born and it’s up to each one of us to pursue our dreams. I tell everyone to never settle for second best—be your best and work damn hard to fulfill your dreams.”