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  • Sonance SonArray SR1 Outdoor Speakers
  • Sonance SonArray SR1 Outdoor Speakers
  • Sonance SonArray SR1 Outdoor Speakers
  • Sonance SonArray SR1 Outdoor Speakers

A sound buy if you’re looking for outdoor speakers

We all love a little music while we are chillin' with our favourite beverage in the backyard, but we don't all have the luxury of being far from our neighbours.

Furthermore, most of us don't have a clue how to design a sound system for our back garden. Well, good news, I am going to teach you about a terrific outdoor speaker system that will rock your world—the Sonance SonArray SR1 system. 

Typically when we think of speakers, we think of a pair of speakers. And, when we think of outdoor speakers, we think of a pair of black or white speakers bolted onto the house or onto the fence. Or sometimes we can be lucky enough to have soffits or an overhang roof that we can use ceiling speakers. But how do we get sound into the garden around the patio and around the pool in an attractive way, with even sound everywhere, that we can play at low volumes and still be super happy? 

Think of sound like light...if you were designing lighting for your backyard, would you attach a couple of floodlights to the building, or do a number of smaller attractive garden lights every six feet or so? What would give you better ambiance and better performance?

The SonArray SR1 system comes with eight attractive speakers with stakes to plant in your gardens and amongst your trees, flowers and bushes. It also comes with a subwoofer that can be buried. The system is ingenious because it blends perfectly with your landscape, provides crystal clear sound at an even volume level and powers the same way that a single pair of speakers would, ie. two channels of amplification. All you need is a little creativity for placement and some direct burial speaker wire and voila...you are partying in style.

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