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Drew Scott explains staging your home

Every person looks to sell his or her house fast and for top dollar, yet very few consider spending money to stage their home.

1. Spruce up the first thing buyers will see—the front yard. Add a flowerbed and make sure the front feels clean and inviting. First impressions do stick, so give buyers the curb appeal they want.

2. Remove clutter and get organized. Mess of any kind can make a space seem small. Remove bulky furniture and accessories from each room and keep cabinet and closet congestion to a minimum. Open up spaces and allow for flow. Make rooms feel as big as possible. Buyers are not looking for furniture, but a place big enough to fit theirs. A minimalistic approach always works.

3. Remove personal items. As beautiful as your family photos may be, listing your home is all about appealing to the buyer. They want to picture THEIR family in the home, not yours.

4. Repair any minor flaws. Leaky taps and wall marks can turn buyers off and are easy to fix. Clean out the gutters, tighten drawer knobs, and use WD-40 on squeaky hinges. With these issues fixed, buyers can focus on your house’s positives.

5. Consider small updates. If you don’t have the budget for a full renovation then consider simple tasks such as replacing lighting fixtures. Not only will buyers like modern fixtures, but lighting can actually make a space feel bigger.

6. Along with new fixtures, a lighter color palette for your walls can give the illusion of more space. Paint doesn’t cost a lot and makes a world of difference.

7. Be bold…but not too bold. Many people have been advised to paint everything neutral when selling a house. I caution you not to follow this advice too closely. Buyers want to feel at home, not like they’re entering a wing of a hospital. If you have earth tones throughout your living room, consider creating a feature wall in a different hue that complements the color palette.

8. Reuse instead of replace. On Property Brothers we reuse over 50% of the homeowners’ current furniture and accent pieces. Some items are refinished, painted, or reupholstered, but many stay in their original state. To fill in gaps we sometimes rent key pieces of furniture, which is far more cost effective than buying.

9. Staging is meant to have a low cost and yield a high return. Therefore if you have a tight budget don’t stress about paying for a major renovation. Focus on furniture and décor. Then look to any low-cost updates such as throwing up a new tile backsplash in the kitchen or in the bathroom, or changing lighting fixtures.

10. Buyers can lack vision. You need to paint the picture for them by giving each room definition. Know who the buyers are in your market and cater to them. If your area has a lot of young working professionals, consider converting your cluttered playroom into an office. Every detail counts.

11. Go beyond what their eye can see. Use fresh flowers in your décor, light some candles, and turn on some soft music. Entice all five senses, not just their eyes.

Staging is vital in order to present your home in the best possible light. Spending a few thousand dollars prior to listing could add ten thousand or more to the sale of your home. Spend smart!

Drew ScottDrew stars with his twin brother, Jonathan, in HGTV’s hit series Property Brothers, Buying & Selling and Brother Vs. Brother. Read more