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Movie-viewing must-have accessories to create your own at-home theatre!

Here are five movie-viewing must-have accessories to create your own at-home theatre

With the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival wrapping up this weekend, there’s no time like the present to salute the silver screen and talk home theatre! The most exciting films from TIFF will land in theatres soon, and then be viewable at home in different formats. Elaborate and super high-tech, or casual and cosy in the family room, the experience of taking in a fab flick can be easily achieved in the comfort of your own home.

Here are five movie-viewing must-haves accessories that get our two thumbs up:

It’s All About the Sound

While picture is the star of the viewing party show, don’t underestimate the importance of quality sound to fully enhance your viewing experience.

We saw a couple of fantastic Home Theatre ideas recently from Best Buy. The Samsung 2.1 Channel Curved Sound Bar features a sleek curved design to match your curved TV, of course, and comes with extra side speakers for a complete home theatre experience delivering 300 watts of sound.

What Would a Movie be Without Popcorn?

Let’s face it, a home theatre just isn’t complete without one! Retro-looking popcorn makers like this one from HomeSense are particularly hot right now, nostalgia and all. And, now’s the perfect time to pick one up at select locations – the designer brand small appliances HomeSense PRIVÉ event just launched yesterday.

Now Playing

Create your ultimate cinema sign! Marquee signs are the perfect focal point to any home theatre. Mounted permanently on a wall or set temporarily on a mantle or side table, set the stage for the double feature with mycinemalightbox’s XL Cinema Lightbox.

Cozy Up!

Inspired by 1940’s furs of Marlene Dietrich, cozy faux-fur throws are a home theatre requirement. We love this gorgeous grey one from Abbott.

Movie Poster Madness

The original “ET” movie poster sold earlier this week for six figures. Go figure! While we’re not suggesting you poster up your walls like it’s “Back to the Future”, a tastefully curated collection of vintage movie posters hung in frames can look simply spectacular.

-by Glen & Jamie