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Man Caves with Jason Cameron

A man cave is a special place, where the beer flows freely and doilies are outlawed. The design choices in here are as unique as a guy’s collection of beer mugs, but there are some universally popular choices in the man caves I’ve worked on.


Man caves are personal spaces, so they’re less trend-driven than other parts of the house. We start by finding out the theme of the room. If you’re a sports fan, we’ll choose team colours to accent the space. If we’re making a cigar lounge, we’ll go with earthy colours. Brights or neons tend to be no-nos. Along with doilies. Which should go without saying.


When it comes to furniture, leather is a popular choice. It’s all about comfort in the cave. Guys are more practical. So, big comfortable sofas with very few throw pillows. No afghans. Just the couch. And gaming chairs. We do love gaming chairs.

Fabrics and Finishes

Guys love rugged finishes on the walls, like exposed bricks and beams. There’s a great product called Brick-It, which is a real brick veneer that you put up on metal grids, with some glue and some grout. It’s very DIY friendly. For beams, we like to use reclaimed lumber and also a product called Faux Wood Beams. They’re super realistic and very, very light. It’s a great product.


Lighting really helps set the mood and gives the room a relaxing vibe. We use a lot of high hats (also called pot lights) and we’ll always figure out a really cool way to light the bar. LED lighting works well. There are tons of choices.


Reclaimed lumber makes a great wall finish. We’ve also used hardwood flooring on the walls and even different types of cork – perfect for a feature wall. These days you can also get really masculine wallpapers, some of them with real leather finishes. We’re also big on murals… if somebody has a picture they love, we’ll go big with it on a wall.


You can go in a lot of directions with the floor. We’ve used everything from tile to hardwood to carpet tiles. We once did an epoxy “hockey” floor that looked exactly like ice. You need to figure out what’s comfortable for you and what look or feel you’re going for.

Finishing touches

We’ve rarely done a man cave without a bar. And beer dispensing is a must. We often use a product called the Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser, which everybody loves. It actually fills the beer from the bottom of a cup without leaking.

Surround sound, of course. And obviously multiple televisions. We actually have a kind of unwritten rule, which I think most guys will agree with, that you need to be able to see the TV from everywhere in the room. We’ll install as many screens as it takes.

-by Jason Cameron