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5 ways to reduce your environmental footprint at home

Did you know that just a few simple changes around the house will actually help you and your family live a more healthy and eco-conscious lifestyle?

By eliminating harmful chemicals and cutting back on energy consumption, you are not only helping yourself but the planet, too.

Here are HOSS magazine’s top tips on how you can make your home greener:

Air purifying plants work

Plants look great around the house and they are amazing when it comes to purifying the air that you occupy. According to NASA, rubber plants, bamboo palms and peace lilies serve as beneficial air filters and they are proven to provide better oxygen levels in your home.

Natural cleaning products are better

There are loads of cleaning products you can purchase at stores, but keep in mind; they are filled with toxic chemicals. That’s right, they are harmful to you and your family and the environment. So, throw out the traditional cleaning products and go with non-toxic cleansers as they do a great job in getting your home clean, safely.

Composting is smart

A great way on cutting back on your household waste is composting. Keep in mind that approximately 30 per cent of waste can be composted. Fruits, vegetables, eggshells, as well as tea and coffee are all compostable and they make for perfect fertilizer for the garden. Have a small compost bin in your kitchen that you can empty into a bigger bin outside. When the big bin is full, then start fertilizing—it’s as easy as that.

Switching your lightbulbs is a bright idea

Replacing traditional lightbulbs with compact fluorescent, halogen incandescent and LED lightbulbs not only save you money, but it also reduces your environmental footprint. Sure these new energy-efficient bulbs may cost you more, but they last a lot longer and use a quarter of the electricity compared to traditional lightbulbs.

Cut back on energy use

There are all sorts of things you can do around the house to conserve energy: unplug electrical appliances and other devices (TV and computer) when you are not using them. Also, if your appliances are older, then consider upgrading them. One smart choice is going with Energy Star appliances as they are proven to be more efficient.