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  • 5 Ways to Get Your Trees Ready for Spring

5 Ways to Get Your Trees Ready for Spring

Spring is here at last! As the spring weather begins to work its magic, there are certain things you can do to maximize the health of your trees for the growing season.

Look Up

Take a look at the trees on your property. Are there dead or damaged branches? Weak-looking unions? These are issues you’re going to want to address sooner rather than later, usually with maintenance pruning or cabling to help strengthen any weak unions.

Look Down

Often, we get so busy focusing on the tree’s canopy, we can forget the most important part of tree health—the soil it is rooted in. In urban areas, soil compaction and poor soil structure is one of the biggest hindrances to tree health. The roots are unable to grow and establish themselves properly, and they may not be getting enough nutrients from tightly compacted soil. Soils with limited active biology or imbalanced pH levels will also be a limiting factor for tree health. Consult your arborist about specialized processes of deep soil aeration, composting and pH correction.

Look Inside

Another way to give your trees a boost for spring is to treat them annually with a fertilizer. A liquid fertilizer can be applied under pressure and delivered through a soil probe in order to reach the tree's extensive root system. The three main nutrients required for healthy plant growth are nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium; however, there are many different t micronutrients that are also required to keep your trees healthy. Your arborist should provide a mix that gives your tree the nutrients it needs, without oversaturating it. A delicate balance must be maintained.

Look Closer

Inspect the leaves of your tree. Does the colour look off? Is there damage to the structure of the leaves? Talk to your arborist if you notice anything that looks off about your tree—some things may be harmless, but others may require treatment.

Look Ahead

Spring is a great time to think about planting a new tree. If you’ve had a tree removed from your property, planting a replacement tree may be required of you (depending on where you live). In other cases, you may want to make a contribution to your city’s urban canopy, or just add an interesting feature to your own yard. The benefits of having trees on your property are many. They provide shade in the summer to help keep your house cool and provide wind protection in the winter to help keep your house warm. This will help keep your energy bills down and can end up saving you money. Trees are also good for improving air quality—something that is endlessly important if you live in an urban area. There have also been studies showing that exposure to trees and greenery is good for your mental health.

Keeping your trees healthy has benefits that range from the economical to the emotional. Follow these steps and help give your trees a needed boost this coming spring! 

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-by Cohen & Master Tree and Shrub Services