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5 Ways to Cut the Clutter this Christmas

The holidays are magical with all its gifts, decor and festive trimmings. What’s not so delightful? The clutter the season creates. Here are expert tips on what you can do before the first gift is even unwrapped that’ll be sure to keep you in a festive mood all season-long.

The holiday season is one of the most joyful times of the year. The snow is falling, the tree is trimmed and kids and parents, alike, are blessed with gifts from friends, family and, of course, the big guy in red.

What’s not so magical? The day after Christmas when you wake up and realize there is no room to put new clothes away, there are more toys than can fit in or on any shelf and you start wondering where the heck those 50 ornaments your mother-in-law gave you are going to go.

But, alas, there is a solution. The key is to think ahead.

So before you even unwrap the first girt, follow these five steps from the CLUTTERCRASHERS. Heed the advice of the organizing experts and you’ll enjoy the holidays after the last ball of wrapping paper has been thrown away.

1. Prepare. Two areas I like to prepare for the holiday season: clothes in closets and toys. These are the two most abundant categories for gifts. Realizing that, make it a priority to go through each closet and pull those items you don’t use. It’s a perfect time of the year to bring them to a donation centre of your choice and let someone else who can use them do so.

2. Get Organized. Each year, most of us purchase some amount of new ornaments and Christmas holiday decorations and never really spend time purging those we don’t use. The piles of old decorations start folding into one another, creating a tangled mess of chaos. Our recommendation? Have your decorations organized in special containers, separate from any other storage items. This makes identifying, pulling and setting up easy. Upon repacking, make sure you donate anything you don’t use or like anymore.

3. Prioritize. Decorating can be fun, but when you try to rush it in one evening after you get home from work, it only adds stress. Spend one night in prepping for the tree, one night getting the tree, the next decorating certain areas of the home and then the tree when everyone is together. Breaking tasks up makes everything more enjoyable.

4. Give you and your family a process. The day the gifts are unveiled is full of joy but can look like a shambles. Tension rises, as boxes, bags and paper are everywhere. For all of you OCD folks out here, like me, I like to have a few large Home Depot packing boxes open and set up in another room. That way after the respected two-hour time limit in staring at all the wrapping is up, the paper, used boxes and any other discard can go right into those boxes and into the garage so you can get ready for your guests!

5. Enjoy. Remember the holiday season is a joyful one. Be grateful for the gifts we get and receive. Making room for new items is a wonderful way to enter into a new and wonderful year with family and friends! Enjoy!