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4 easy ways to organize your wardrobe

Does going into your bedroom closet feel a lot like a Tae Bo workout? Your left arm pushes one way, your right arm tugs another and there it is, your favourite cashmere sweater. With slick James Bond-like maneuvers, you manage to swipe the hanger and scurry to safety. Whew!

Many of us don’t like our closets; we just tolerate them. Days, months and even years go by before we wage a clutter war on a space that should be a sanctuary. We visit it at least twice a day, every day, yet for some reason don’t give it the respect it deserves in helping us look our best.

What we tend to do is berate our closet system and complain. It’s too small, or not designed to handle our needs. Still we shop, come home, and open the closet door ready to stuff new purchases in the already overstuffed space. Good times!

You may be thinking right now, I would love to clean up my closet but I need every piece of clothing and shoe - even the ones crumpled in a ball in the back right-hand corner. The reason your closet is ready to explode like a T-shirt cannon? Space is tight, the need is great and the organizing challenge immense. So let’s get started.

Let it go

For every piece of clothing you own there is a story attached. Many of us keep old, undersized clothing as a reminder of what we once wore. Others hold onto garments just in case that special need and occasion arises. If you have the space to accommodate this thinking then no complaints, but if you don’t, and most of us do not, you need to listen to our beloved character Elsa and let it go, and let it go far, far away.

Keep your eye on the prize

Empty the closet and put your eyes on every piece you take out from shoes and purses to belts and hats. Eliminate all items unrelated to your daily dressing needs and store them elsewhere in the home. Eliminate in-season garments you have not worn in the past three months. Let’s face it, we love our clothes and we all have favourites but again, let it go. Looking ahead to the upcoming seasons, eliminate items you did not wear prior and will not wear going forward. Be honest with yourself; you know the items we are speaking about. No more keeping clothing for the sake of “just in case” or “you never know”, yes we do know, you will not wear them.

Restructure your space

Still don’t have room for your modest yet sizeable wardrobe? Start eyeing other closet spaces throughout the home. Seasonal items can be removed from your bedroom closet and stored in an area where you do have some additional hanging space. Perhaps you can benefit from a portable garment closet. Inexpensive, decorative and functional, these pieces serve as a viable option for those with limited space. This action is also conducive to weeding out clothing you have not worn at multiple times throughout the year.

Breathe Easy

Replace thoughts of worry with calm and beauty. These organizational strategies will implement relevancy in your closet. You will open your closet door and know that you can wear each and every item, at any time you desire. How refreshing is this thought? Make it a reality, do it for you.

So, leave cardio workouts for the gym and beauty to your closet; you deserve to begin and end each day with peaceful and soothing thoughts. Tomorrow when you open your closet, not only will you see organization, you will feel organized because you are!

-by Peter Lorenso