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  • Spring cleaning tasks

15 Tasks To Get You Started on Spring Cleaning

Have you adjusted to the time change yet? We have finally sprung forward into daylight saving time—the ideal time to start your spring cleaning. We all just want to get the house, garage and yard in order but we may not be able to start on the yard work just yet.

We can look at chores that we need to complete on a yearly or seasonal basis. In the fall, I wrote about how you should prepare for winter but now we have to think about spring and summer routines. As time change happens twice a year, I think it’s a great opportunity to get certain larger cleaning and housekeeping tasks done. 

This is my Daylight Saving Check-up List: 

• Check all smoke alarms. Make sure you have both smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on every floor (including the basement). Check on fire extinguishers (one should be in the kitchen and garage). 

• Clean out the wood fireplace. Check the gas fireplace to ensure it is dust-free and clean. 

• Wipe down all baseboards, windowsills, door jams and mouldings. 

• Touch up any scrapes on the wall or doors. Best to keep on top of these small dents then let them go for years and you have to paint the whole wall. 

• Clean humidifiers and call for check-up on your furnace. 

• Call to have your air conditioner serviced. 

• Vacuum floor vents and bathroom vents (fan). 

• Clean all ceiling fans, light fixtures and disinfect light switches

• Change out your bedding if you have spring/summer bedding. Air out your bedding before storing or send it to the cleaners for cleaning and then storing. 

• Rotate mattress and vacuum mattress, box spring and frame. 

• Vacuum behind furniture. Move the bed away from the wall, behind armoires or wardrobes, behind night tables and sofas. 

• Deep clean carpets (rent a machine if you don’t already own one). 

• Check your garage door is working properly. Change the battery to remote if needed. 

• Schedule appointments with contractors if you want work done on your house (e.g. roof, fencing, pool installation, decking). 

• Schedule your pool opening. You’ll want to get in the pool as soon as the weather warms up! 

It is always a good idea to keep on top of these big projects so you can leave some time to enjoy the beautiful weather. Next time we will talk about how to tackle and organize your garage in a weekend!