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10 Ways To Take Your Workout Outside

Now is the perfect time to get into a new routine of taking your workout outside!

The weather is finally starting to turn into spring and before we know it the heat of summer will be here. Now is the perfect time to get into a new routine of taking your workout outside!

Get the added benefit of natural vitamin D from the sun (for a few minutes before covering up or putting on sunscreen!) and fresh air to clear your mind, cleanse your lungs and put a spring in your step.

When you think outdoor workout, you probably think walking, and while walking has incredible health benefits and should absolutely be added to your day (every day) there is so much more you can do outside to get in a great workout.

10 Ways to Workout Outside

Technically this is walking, yes, but when you add in trails or an off road adventure on a hike you actually introduce a whole new level of endurance and muscle groups. Your gait changes, you are going up hills or down hills and engaging different muscles. You also end up exploring and staying active for much longer on a hike than if you were just out for a walk ‘around the block.’

So many adults do not even own a bike and I often wonder why. Remember how much time you spent on your bike as a child? All that freedom, the exploring and coming home exhausted after a full day outside biking with your friends. That doesn’t have to end. Biking is an excellent cardio workout, a super speedy way to get around town and a great way to get some fresh air.


There is something about swimming laps in an outdoor pool or lake. Most communities have outdoor pools and provide specific time for swimming laps. The next time you take the family to the lake, pack your goggles and swim a few strokes. Take your pool workout outdoors and you might be surprised how motivated you are to swim a little longer.

Park Fit

Sign up for an outdoor fitness class in the park. Many communities and fitness professionals offer pop-up circuit classes, stroller fit or outdoor yoga classes at your local parks. Look into it and ask around at your gym or with some fitness friends. You might be surprised what is happening in your own neighbourhood.


Yup. Good old gardening can be your workout for the day. Bending, pulling, digging, shoveling, planting, moving. Gardening works your legs, back and arms. Once your garden is done, offer to help a neighbour and enjoy your outdoor workout.

This one requires a basketball, but many schoolyards have empty basketball courts and nets just begging for a ball. See what you remember from your youth and if you can still make that jump shot. Basketball is a crazy workout if you can convince a few friends to join you in a little 3 on 3!

Grab a racquet and find a brick wall or a community tennis court with a friend. Tennis is a great way to stay limber and get all your muscles working.

One of the best ways to enjoy a gorgeous sunny day is on the golf course. Even if you are not a great player, book a tee time when the course is quiet, practice your swing and enjoy walking all 9 or 18 holes to get in a good workout.

Find a lake and get your paddle on. Most lakes will rent canoes, kayaks or paddle boats and as long as you are wearing your personal flotation device, you don’t need a lot of experience to get a good upper body workout from paddling.

The newest craze in water sports is the Stand Up Paddle Board. You work your core, legs and arms to balance and, of course, paddle. The workout is subtle but after a while you will feel it! Add in a challenge by trying your favourite yoga post on the paddle board! NOT easy, but a lot of fun.

Look for different ways to get in your workout outdoors this spring and summer as you travel with your family or visit local parks. So much is available and can be enjoyed without added cost or special equipment.