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10 Tips for Cleaning Your Windows This Spring

​It is recommended that you wash your windows twice a year, although the task is one many don’t look forward to. Instead of making the process even more tedious than it already is, follow these tips and the process will move along much quicker.

Vacuum or dust the area

By vacuuming or dusting the window frames and screens before-hand you avoid build-up of dust on the window that can cause streaking and even scratching on the glass.

Avoid washing on sunny days

I know this seems like an ideal time to wash your windows, although it’s quite the contrary. The heat from the sun will make your cleaning solution dry much quicker, leading to streaking on the surface.

Wash from top to bottom

By washing from top to bottom, you prevent dirty solution dripping onto previously cleaned surfaces.

Dry the window right after washing

Dry the window right after washing to further prevent the solution from drying on the glass, causing streaky lines. (Instead of using paper towel to dry the area, use a soft cloth. Paper towel tends to leave lint residue behind leaving your windows looking dusty)

Use a squeegee

To further avoid unnecessary use of paper towel, use a squeegee to clean the area and avoid any wet drippy messes that can come with cleaning windows. There’s a reason professionals use these.

Clean the inside and outside

Although this seems obvious, many people tend to avoid doing this. By only cleaning one side, the glass is only clean on that side and will still appear dirty to the eye.

Clean the frame

If you don’t wipe down your window frame, your windows will still seem dirty and you will not achieve the completely clean look.

Make your own cleaning solution

You don’t need to spend your money on unnecessary cleaning supplies full of chemicals. Instead, make your own solution at home with everyday items you probably already have laying around. For grease and finger print smudges, use a few drops of dish detergent with water to clean the area (remember, in this case less is more as too soapy of a mixture will be difficult to remove). For a shiny finish, add one-part water to one-part vinegar.

Have the right equipment

Make sure you have the necessary tools to complete the job. Soap, a squeegee, a soft cloth and a bucket are beginner essentials to get the job done right.

Know when to hire a professional

Some windows are in hard to reach areas and can cause dangerous situations. Professionals have the necessary tools to reach those areas without getting hurt. Make sure to stay safe and hire a professional if needed.