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10 Things You Might Not Know About Toronto’s Trees

Sure, Toronto may be known to the rest of the country as a concrete jungle, but Canada’s largest city is actually home to a variety of lush, beautiful trees.

Providing more than just shade on a sunny day, the city’s trees help improve air quality by an impressive amount, save on energy and more. All the more reason to be good to your trees!

1. The majority of Toronto’s trees are on private property. A whopping 60 per cent of the city’s trees are found on private property, while 34 per cent are found in parks and natural areas.

2. There are at least 116 different tree species in Toronto.

3. Toronto’s trees store 1.1 million metric tons of carbon—that is the yearly equivalent to 733,000 car emissions.

4. About 64 per cent of Toronto’s 116 tree species are native to Ontario.

5. Toronto’s urban forest improves air quality, intercepting 1,905 metric tonnes of air pollutants annually (the equivalent value of $16.9 million/year).

6. Giving smaller or younger trees a chance to grow and thrive has incredible benefits. For instance, a 75 cm tree in Toronto intercepts 10 times more air pollution, can store up to 90 times more carbon and contributes up to 100 times more leaf area to the city’s tree canopy than a 15 cm tree.

7. Trees affect energy consumption by shading buildings, providing evaporative cooling and blocking winter winds.

8. Trees are a good investment. The value of a properly maintained tree increases over its functional lifespan.

9. Queen’s Park has over 300 trees representing approximately 50 different species.

10. Prior to European settlement, the Toronto region was covered in oak-pine forests. A major component of these forests were white oak trees. A few trees from that time still remain and can be seen in North Toronto and along the Avenue Road corridor to Queen’s Park.

*Sources: Canadian Tree Tours; Royal Ontario Museum; City of Toronto, Parks, Forestry and Recreation Report: “Every Tree Counts: A Portrait of Toronto’s Urban Forest” (2013).

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