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10 Quick Tips About Decluttering Your Home

Organizing your home should not stress you out. Here are some tips to help you and some thoughts to remember. Clutter doesn’t just happen nor does it happen overnight. Slow and steady organizing will deliver the results you are looking for and keep you organized going forward.

1) Tackle the space that troubles you the most even if you don’t know where to start. Just dive in and begin organizing, you will see how organizing is contagious and has a way of smothering out clutter.

2) 15-minutes of organizing fun. Promise yourself 15-minutes of clutter-crashing a day and see how much you get accomplished. Use a timer and challenge yourself, you will be surprised how much you actually get done!

3) Introduce a donation bin into your home and encourage family members to deposit any clothing no longer being worn. This strategy frees up closet and or drawer space and all for a worthy cause!

4) Junk drawers beware! Drawer dividers are a simple and effective way to keep contents organized. They come in various sizes and colors and are easily installed, no tools required. Junk drawers will soon be a distant memory.

5) Backup plan gone array. How many duplicate items are you storing in the closet, garage, and basement and for how long? Have they since become clutter? Ask yourself, have I ever needed to use the backup item? If so, it may have earned a place in storage, if not, consider donating the item and putting your trust in the new appliance, tool, or jacket. Free space is a thing of beauty.

6) Identify drop zones and bring order to them by using bins and baskets. All homes have a specific spot that seems just right for members to place their cell phones, car keys, and incoming mail. These spaces can quickly become eyesores. A quick fix is to place decorative bins in the area to collect such essentials. Visually, a pretty basket is much more appealing to the eye than a pile of cell phones and junk mail.

7) Hesitation and second-guessing leads to clutter. Your initial thoughts are usually accurate thoughts when it comes to organizing. It is the second-guessing that tends to confuse our clarity and introduces emotional decisions making. If you haven’t worn it in six months, chances are you will not wear it going forward. Make the decision to donate the item and clear the space free of clutter. (This mindset also holds true with toys and stuffed animals.)

8) Teamwork is an awesome way to remove clutter from a space. Identify items in a room that don’t belong by labeling each with a post-it note containing the owner’s name. Each member of the household is then responsible for removing his or her items and storing them in the appropriate locations. Once irrelevant items are removed, a quick organizing reset can take place and the clutter is eliminated.

9) Change the routine to do away with clutter. Routines are the root of what and why we do things. Take time to observe the routines in your own household and see what and how clutter is forming. You will be amazed at what you learn. You can then implement a game plan to defeat clutter before it even starts.

10) Furniture with storage is priceless. Once you have decluttered a space, keep it organized with decorative furniture designed not only to look good but provide storage as well. Functionality and flow are sure to improve upon a space’s aesthetics and defend against clutter. 

-by Peter Lorenso