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  • win a trip to Mars
  • win a trip to Mars from HOSS

10 Lucky Readers Can Win a Round-Trip To Mars

One of North America’s leading home lifestyle magazines is giving its readers the amazing opportunity to visit the Red Planet.

Yes, this is a once in a lifetime chance for our fans to visit Mars at no cost. It’s the first contest of its kind, ever. HOSS Magazine wants its readers in Canada and the USA to venture into space, where no man has gone before.

HOSS Magazine has just partnered with a team of billionaires around the world, who are now constructing a cutting-edge-showstopper-of-a-spacecraft that will take 10 lucky winners on a trip into space that they soon won’t forget. It will take nearly a year for the winners to get to Mars on the HOSS spaceship and about a year to get back home to earth.

The winners will ride to Mars in a futuristic ship that looks like a high-end star-wars-type-airliner that has plenty of bragging rights: cushioned seats with a view to die for; five small rooms that accompany up to two persons each (toilet and shower included in each unit); a small gym and workout area; a dining area with a bar and slot machines; and a communications room. There will even be a team of chefs on board who will serve up the best in “galactic cuisines.”

While on Mars for 30 days, winners will get to stay at the HOSS Magazine Space Compound that offers the best in amenities: posh rooms, an Olympic size swimming pool, a sauna, a tennis court, and a restaurant and bar area with a casino and disco. Everything will be housed under one specialized Mars dome that is also now being designed by our team of leading space engineers.

Hungry yet? From morning to night our chefs will serve up all sorts of mouthwatering dishes that will keep you coming back for more.

Even better, HOSS Magazine and its team will offer an exclusive “Mars Walk Tour” and everyone will have the chance to ride on the “HOSS Rover.” It sure can be bumpy out there on your newly discovered planet, but you and yours will love it. We will also offer a “Mars Overnight Camping Trip” and it’s a must, you bring your favourite marshmallows along for the big ride.

Will you get to discover extraterrestrial life that you can share on social media with family and friends back home? Maybe. Make sure you bring your smartphone or tablet just in case. But we can’t guarantee anything. What happens on Mars stays on Mars, so the expression goes.

The spacecraft will be built by 2018, which is only a couple of years away.

So, how do you enter? Well, all you need to do is submit a story (no less than 100 words) on why you would want to win a trip to mars with your partner (five couples in total).

The contest opens today, April 1. 

But wait! Today is April 1. So that means if you read this entire story, then you know you have been lured into a classic April Fools’ day joke. There is no trip to Mars, but you should feel like a winner since you read this entire piece.

Happy April Fools’ Day everyone. And we are glad you have a sense of humour!

-by HOSS Staff