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Perfect Holiday Gifts For Your Furry Friend

If Fido, Toby, or Fluffy are fussy, these holiday gifts will be sure to please your furry friend.

Car companion

Visiting friends and family this holiday season? Don’t want to leave Fido at home? Keep your pooch safe on the road with a Companion Car Seat by Animals Matter. Moulded to fit the exact shape of the car seat, these seats allow the safety belt to securely surround the front and buckle on the side with an extra clip in back for added stability. The seat is constructed of dense upholstery-grade foam with an easily removable and machine-washable cover. Simply clip the attached strap to your companion’s harness and hit the road! Fits dogs up to 30 pounds. Available in pink, charcoal or sand. 

Price: US $229 - $259

Dapper digs

You know how some people end up looking like their dogs? Well, thanks to Hook + Albert, they can now dress like them, too. Made in New York City, Hook + Albert has added a matching set of bowties—one for you and one for Fido—to its line of men accessories. The 100 per cent cotton bowties fit on your pooch with an easy elastic, while for humans, they’re designed the old-fashioned way; no snap-ons for this dapper dude! Either way, this holiday season, you are both sure to be the top dogs at any soiree. 

Price: US $65

Retro sleep

These dog beds are simply groovy for your fur baby. Inspired by the popular designs of the 50s and 60s, this retro white acrylic bed will bring a touch of elegant nostalgia to your home’s decor. The comfy cushion inside comes in three shades: tango orange, graphite grey and berry blue. 

Price: US $314.99

Triple treat

For cats who love to scratch, play and lounge, this Jumbo Cat Scratch Lounge by PetFusion is the perfect gift. This lounge gives kitty an outlet to claw her way to happiness and save your furniture! It also gives cats a space to relax and lounge along its comfortable curves. 

Price: US $79.95,

Escape artists

If your pet has a tendency to walk himself, you can help keep him safe by making sure he’s outfitted with this helpful, yet fashionable, tag. The tags are silver-plated brass and can be engraved with all your pertinent information, such as the name and address of dog and owner! That way you can protect your pooch while still giving him a personal piece of flair. 

Price: $12.95

Cuddle couture

Cat lovers know that nothing is more comforting than cuddling with your beloved kitty. This UNIHABITAT Mewgaroo Pet Holder Hoodie allows you to snuggle and tote around your cat while keeping your hands free. The holder is designed to be like the pouch of a mother kangaroo, with a large front pocket that allows you to comfortably snuggle your pet. Sleeveless and smooth, this cat hoodie is easy to clean and made of 100 per cent cotton material. And it comes with cat ears…just because. 

Price: US $69.95