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Fun to own products for the home and cottage

Yes we can do without them, but they are fun to have and, at times, they make life just a little easier. After all, cottage life is all about easy.

Qualcomm WiPower

Power up without plugging in! Qualcomm is a charging pad that allows you to charge up a number of devices: mobile phones, wireless keyboards and mice, lamps and even digital photo frames. Just place your device on the charging pad, and it does all the charging for you. Cord-free and hands-free. 



TZOA is a cutting-edge wearable enviro-tracker with a connected smartphone app that monitors air pollution and UV exposure. Clip it on your belt buckle or backpack to get an instant read on your smartphone of the pollution level in your environment, the humidity and also how much light you are being exposed to. 




Nebia is an easy-to-install-showerhead that atomizes water into millions of droplets, reducing water usage while giving you a shower with 10 times more water contact than a regular shower. A great innovation for home and cottage. 




PowerView is a new wireless motorization system that lets you control your window treatments through your smartphone, tablet or its ‘pebble’ remote controller. Program the settings you want and PowerView takes care of the rest, automatically moving your shades up and down during the day. Cost varies by style and system.