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  • Motorized shades

Why You Should Invest in Motorized Window Treatments

The window treatments often get shade for their price tag. But here’s why it’s worth it.

So you go and buy a new house or complete a renovation, and as if it wasn’t already a big enough investment, now you need to furnish the place and buy window coverings, urgh! I have been there many times and I have asked myself the question: where do the expenses end? Nonetheless, we still need to control sunlight, finish off the windows from a décor stand-point and give you and your neighbours some much appreciated privacy.

To motorize or not to motorize 

I am getting asked this question a lot these days. Sure it is expensive and not for everyone, but it is so cool when you can press a button and things move automatically into place. Wouldn’t you agree? The obvious windows that need motorization are the tall ones that are hard to reach, or when there is a whole bunch of windows in a certain area with periods of time throughout the day when direct sunlight is coming in. However, did you know that automated window treatments can allow you to reduce your household energy consumption significantly? Think about how much heat comes into your house through the windows in the summer time when the direct sun is coming in and you can’t close the shades because you are at work.

There are so many styles of window treatments that you can buy motorized these days, but for decreasing your carbon footprint and protecting your furniture and flooring from fading, the popular honeycomb style with UV lining is a great choice. Roller shades with blackout fabrics are great for bedrooms and bathrooms, while a fine shear is great for rooms that need just a touch of sunlight control and elegance. But how do you install motorized shades after the house is built or the renovation is complete and you did not run any wires to the windows? Hunter Douglas has the answer.

Hunter Douglas has recently won the 2015 Design Innovation Award from the Window Coverings Manufacturers Association for their PowerView Motorization product line. “A revolutionary new system that automatically moves your shades throughout the day, so you don’t have to”, says Hunter Douglas. This product line is battery-powered, can easily be hardwired and is very cost-effective at only a small amount more than buying the same shade in a manual pull cord style. There are dozens upon dozens of gorgeous fabric choices and styles, and the product installs and programs seamlessly. They have stylish wireless remote controls that are called “Pebbles” and they have simple attractive wall-mounted remote controls and scene controllers. The system also boasts a full PowerView App for your smartphone or tablet, which allows intelligent automated scenes to be scheduled based on time or sunset/sunrise on a daily basis. Control your shades with the App from anywhere in the world!