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What’s the Deal with the Succulents Trend?

Succulents have become a much-talked-about plant for these reasons.

Yes, you’ve spied them on Pinterest, in magazines, and at your local home improvement shop. Those little sculptural thick-leaved colorful plants that seem to be what’s hot in garden décor these days.

So why are we seeing them everywhere?

In this fast-pace multi-tasked world that we call our ‘lives’ we are attracted to anything that’s easy. And succulents are an easy plant with a good pay-off.

Resilient. Succulents are hard to kill. They don’t require a lot of watering or nurturing, and they are happiest when they are just sitting in the sunlight sharing their colorful shapes with us. Yes, sunlight is key, about 6 hours a day is ideal, and you can overwater them.

Versatile. Succulents are happy in a bowl, planter, teacup, or even a little ceramic elephant. From a deer skull to a dress form, I’ve seen so many different ways that succulents have been used that it seems the little beauties are perfect for a creative home décor artist. And just like most plants, they need proper drainage, so make sure to drill a hole in that elephant’s tummy.

Variety.There are blue succulents, green succulents, purple succulents, orange succulents, and almost every shape leaf you can imagine. They can be tiny enough for a trendy succulent manicure and bountiful enough to fill a wedding bouquet. Even groomsmen are wearing succulent boutonnieres and HGTVDesign Star Tiffany Brooks used them to fill in the frame of oversized outdoor wall art at the 2016 HGTV Smart Home.

Join us to talk succulents in home and garden design on our next #HossDesign Twitter chat on Wednesday, February 1st at 8pmET.