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  • what your door colour means

What Your Door Colour Says About You

Choose your door colour wisely, as it can impact your social life and your home’s curb appeal.

Updating the colour of your entry door can do more than just enhance your home’s curb appeal. The colour of that one rectangle can change how your neighbours, friends and family feel about you.

It sounds weird that a door colour could impact your social life, but those 20-1/4 square feet are a billboard of your personal style and attitude.

If you put a sad face emoji on your front door, your friends and neighbours would know that you are having an unhappy day. We don’t need to be as explicit as an emoji or bitmoji to share how we feel. Colour can do the same. Our mood, the weather, and pretty much everything around us can change the colour we choose. For example, on a rainy morning, count the number of people you see wearing blue. Then do the same count on a sunny morning. You’ll see that the rainy day affects our emotional decision on which colour shirt to wear.

So use the power of colour for good when selecting your new entry door colour. You can change the way your friends see you. They could see you as more relaxed, more creative or more blissful. Let’s look at a few popular front door colour meanings.

Yellow. The sunny colour of yellow can enhance happiness and stimulate thoughtfulness. So your neighbours and friends may start seeing you as a glass-half-full kind of person, and they might be instinctively more inclined to be in a good mood when they visit.

Red. If you are looking for a strong reaction from your friends and family, red is your colour. A red door may give you the reputation of being bold, powerful, and passionate. And your friends may be more emotionally intense when they visit—a tricky reaction, as it could mean they are more excitable and fun or more likely to argue and have strong negative reactions. Be careful with a red door.

Blue. The hues of blue can provide comfort and a chill atmosphere. Your neighbours and friends may start to see you as calm, confident, trustworthy and smarter. And when they enter through that blue door, they may also feel calmer, more trusting, and smarter.

Black. A powerful colour, black can make a home seem more elegant, modern and formal. When you change your front door to black, your neighbors and friends may instinctively see you as more powerful, more polished, and possibly more financially secure. While black is also the colour of mystery and mourning in our part of the world, black on a home’s door will more likely give your friends a grander sense of manners and a stately air than change their demeanor to solemn.