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  • green room accents

Want to feel healthy and wealthy? Add green to your home.

The colour of the lucky four-leaf clover can add a bit of positive mojo to any room.

What comes to mind when you see a vibrant green?

You aren’t alone if green makes you think of healthy eating and money. And there are good reasons for these associations. Green is a dominant colour in nature, which ties the colour to health. Plus when nature is flourishing, there is success, which many people associate with wealth.

Since there so many shades and tones of green, it can be challenging to decide which green works best for your home. While choosing colour is a truly personal experience, there is an essential design tip that can help you navigate that part of the paint chip aisle at your home improvement store. It’s your light bulb.

Light affects colour in a fundamental way. Light is made up of wavelengths of colour, so when we see a green wall, we’re seeing that wall reflect green and absorb the other colours in the spectrum.

If your light bulbs are on the warmer side, the light will bring out the warm tones in a colour and minimize the cooler tones. So if you are crazy about a blue-green paint colour and have light bulbs that are warm, that blue-green won’t look the same on your wall as it did at the store. For a warmer light bulb, look for a colour temperature under 3000k. For cooler lighting, look for a light bulb with the colour temperature greater than 4500k. 

Design tip: Select your paint colour and your light bulbs at the same time