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  • Design your bathroom with vessel sinks

Vessel sinks make splash in bathroom design

The evolution of the bathroom sink has taken us through many trends, styles and options. Today it almost seems impossible to make a decision on what’s hot and what’s not!

The market is flooded with bathroom sinks of all types, colours, finishes and materials! From vessel sinks to recessed mounted, to semi-recessed mounted, the question I always get is “Which sink is ideal and which one will last through the trends?”

Vessel sinks, also known as above-counter sinks are quite popular these days! The concept of these designer bowls is derived from the archaic days where there was no running water and people used ceramic and marble bowls for washing. These bowls have really turned around since and have made a splashy introduction in residential powder rooms! In fact, renovation-savvy homeowners want to indulge in these further by bringing them into their master en suites and other bathrooms around the house!

The bowls— round or square—really provide that custom hotel and spa feel to any bathroom space and are popular for small bath spaces. The one element to consider when selecting a deck-mounted sink for everyday use as opposed to a powder room use, is to understand the shape and the style for ideal comfort and function. A basin that is too shallow will cause splashing! And a basin that is too deep may not be comfortable for daily teeth brushing! The beauty of the vessel sink is that it can be mounted to any surface! From that antique dresser, to a new vanity or a converted cabinet, any one of these combinations will work and will provide a distinctive look to your bathroom. A few more tips to consider when buying a vessel sink: a) Consider the total height of the vanity plus the bowl. A comfortable vanity height including the sink should measure between 32-36 inches. b) Explore various faucet options. For vessel sinks, you more than likely need a taller faucet or a wall-mounted faucet! c) For wall-mounted faucets, a little more prep work is required and you must insert the proper rough-ins into the wall prior to installing your wall-mounted faucets. This option requires a little more work but looks fantastic!

If you think that a vessel sink is not for you, the options are infinite with undermount sinks and even semi-recessed sinks. From round, to oval, to square, the classic looks of these lend themselves to clean, contemporary and even traditional bathrooms.

With all these new options on the market, it looks like the trends are here to stay, so don’t fear what's “trendy” because it is becoming a standard in bathroom design and innovation!

Toronto-based celebrity & award winning designer Dvira Ovadia, principal of Dvira Interiors, is known for her appearances and design work on various HGTV shows. Dvira and her team uses their profound understanding of design ‎to create stylishly smart spaces. Servicing clientele throughout Ontario & GTA. www.dvira.com @DVIRAdesigner 

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