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Transform Your Backyard into a Private Getaway

​Create a mini-getaway in your own backyard with a few easy updates

I’m ready for a vacation. Are you?

It’s been a busy year, and I would love to take a break from the routine of making school lunches, the hustle of going to activities, and the endless list of household chores.

While I can’t take an actual vacation at this very minute, I like to slip away to my backyard pergola whenever I need to recharge. We have a fireplace, comfortable seating, ceiling fan, flowers, and the sounds of nature (and our lively Italian-speaking neighbors). It’s like getting away without the hassle of packing or waiting around at the airport.

Everyone needs a little private spot to break free every once in a while, and I have a few tips on creating your perfect private getaway.

Cozy seating. Being comfortable is essential to any getaway. Forget about your posture and your alignment for a little bit and just relax. If you love to have your feet up, plan space for a little ottoman. Keep the seating to just one, if you want to make sure you aren’t bothered. Seating for more than one allows you to have friends gather to enjoy a cocktail with you, too.

Reachable tables. It isn’t awesome to have to get up for a drink or snack when you are relaxing. Instead a dining table, little end tables or make-shift stools can serve as a place to keep a book or drink.

Mood lighting. I think lighting is everything when it comes to setting a mood. Depending on when you use your backyard retreat, you may want to have powered lighting that is battery-operated or can plug-in. Firepits and fireplaces are amazing at creating enough light to see and the warmth to keep a backyard sitting spot useful for 3 or more seasons.

Soothing scents. After lighting, smell is crucial to making a mood. Planting your favorite fragrant flowers nearby, wearing the scented sunscreen you use on a beach holiday, or bringing aromatherapy in a relaxing and favorite scent to enjoy can help decrease stress.

Vacation visuals. The part that transforms a backyard sitting spot into a full-on retreat is what it looks like. Paint your chair a favorite color or add a few pillows in a pattern that remind you of your vacation spot. Add in nature with wood finishes and flowers, even if they are in a vase. Don’t forget to garnish your drink or plate, light a candle, and wear an outfit that you wouldn’t wear for your everyday. Remember, you are on a vacation, just in your own backyard.

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