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Traditional Patchwork Style can Infuse Fun and Classic Style Into Your Home

Quilts may sound very unmodern but take a look at these ideas.

If you are already a fan of the patchwork style, you know how they can brighten a room. And you know that a patchwork need not always look ‘old-fashioned’ or ‘country.’ There’s a modern way of incorporating a quilt-look into a very on-trend home.

Quilting has been around since Ancient Egypt, and has been popular in times of economic strain, as it’s a way to reuse materials from otherwise worn or outgrown clothing.

The fun in reusing fabrics from other pieces is that the color and pattern combinations can be stunning, and the shapes cut from those materials are endless.

Whether you are embarking on a quilting mission in your home, or shopping for a patchwork-style element to infuse some color and fun into a room, I’ve got a few tips on how to keep an editing eye on keeping the look modern.

Color story. The color story is the variety of colors that you are working with in a quilt. I’ve shared a few tips on working with color using a color wheel on another blog for Hossmagazine.com, and the same color theory applies here, too. If you want a quiet pop of fun, stick with a monochromatic color scheme. If you are thinking navy is your color, it means go for navy stripes, navy solids, navy checkered, navy polka dots, and navy chintz. For a bit bolder look, try analogous story with using color neighbors on a color wheel.

Pattern power. Beyond the color of the fabrics you choose, the shapes of the pieces you can affect the modern quality of a piece. Larger, geometric shapes tend to feel more modern. Using a pattern that doesn’t cover the entire piece, and is on one corner or just centered on a pillow or chair can feel very modern, as well.

Solo celebrations. A patchwork piece can be an eye-catching statement, whether it’s a quilt as wall art, a chair, sofa, or pillows. Having more than one quilted moment in a space can start the slippery slope into a country or dated look. So celebrate those little quilted pieces as singles in your home. They’ll feel even more special if there’s only one of them, too. 

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