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Top Tips on Designing Your Kitchen with Cabinetry

Spring is certainly in the air, which means so is renovation season! Whether it’s an entire floor or a single room, the warmer weather and sunnier skies make it easy to get inspired and tackle your latest project at home. As much as Bryan loves to tear down walls and drill holes, I’m constantly thinking of new ways to get creative with the latest interior design trends.

One room I get a lot of questions about designing is the kitchen. The kitchen plays a crucial role as it serves a variety of purposes within the household. Whether it is a casual family dinner, a place for the kids to finish homework before school, or an evening entertaining friends over wine and cheese, the kitchen needs to be designed in a way that incorporates flexibility and the ability to adjust for different occasions.

For me, I love to entertain, so a kitchen with an open concept design was important. Creating a kitchen that flows into the living or dining room allows you to optimize the space of multiple rooms while still maintaining the feel of being together in one. Guests can easily move from room to room without feeling segregated or removed from each other.

With that being said, having four crazy kids and one busy husband, I needed to make functionality and practicality a priority as well. This is where my love (and need) for plenty of counter space and well-designed cabinetry come into play. A great way to do this is by utilizing an island. Islands maximize space for prepping meals, cooking and sitting (especially if you don’t have the space to add a table). Installing cabinetry underneath the countertop for storage provides another way to maximize space and reduce clutter.

Cabinetry is something I’ve recently been getting a lot of exposure to since helping design our Baeumler Custom Cabinetry showroom at the office. This is an area where I wouldn’t be afraid to invest a little more of your renovation budget as high quality craftsmanship will add significant value and function to your kitchen. With so many options for designing your kitchen, it can be a daunting task to pick out the style and material of the floors, cabinetry and countertops. The key here is to balance cold, hard shell surfaces (like metal and glass) with natural materials that have visual texture and warmth (like wood and stone).

One last thing to remember: It’s not necessary to sacrifice sophistication and style at the expense of making a kitchen organized and efficient. Nor do you need to feel boxed in by certain style. The kitchen is much more than an arrangement of cabinets, countertops and accessories. It’s the very soul of a home. Take some extra time, figure out what will work best for you and your family and infuse the space with your personality and character.

Image credit Baeumler Custom Cabinetry (BCC)