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Tips to create your ideal office space

For years, the Baeumler Construction office has been home to tool belts and saw horses. Chandeliers and wallpaper were only a dream and something left for interior design showrooms.

Now that I’m spending more time at the Baeumler Office, and our companies are expanding to include custom cabinetry work and custom home design builds, I’m trying my best to add personal touches and flare to our space. I love that I work in an open-concept environment, but I do find it important to add some warmth through furniture items, wall décor, accessories and, of course, chandeliers!

One of my favourite design trends that has recently made a comeback is wallpaper. It is a fun and creative way to add luxury and dramatic impact to a space, without having to spend a great deal of money. Wallpaper can also serve as a statement piece or focal point, depending on the style and colour of the print. In my office, I have outfitted all of the walls in a subtle, monochrome pattern to make my office stand out but still provide a sense of cohesiveness with the other rooms.

In terms of filling the room with furniture, I opted to stray from a traditional desk and went with a six-foot dining table from Jonathan Adler that can easily be expanded to accommodate a business meeting or group work session. When choosing a desk surface, pay careful attention to the way in which you work. Personally, I like my desk to be organized into different workstations and allow ample room to spread out architectural plans. A large dining table made perfect sense. I tried to keep variety with my furniture pieces by including simple white accessories with an eye-catching, velvet peacock blue couch. If you’re redoing an office space on a budget, furnishing your room by following the “high-low mix” is a great way to go. As I mentioned, by purchasing bigger furniture items like a desk for a lower cost, you can then splurge on higher value items in other areas. My splurge item for the office was a beautiful, stand-alone painting from France that grabs your attention as soon as you walk into the room.

Once you’ve figured out the big picture items such as wall colour and furniture pieces, you can shift your focus to accessorizing with fun, decorative items. This is the area that I like to add some personality and creativeness. Bookends, table lamps and trays for storage are all ways to create a space that is practical, while still adding an element of luxury. Personally, I kept my office neutral so I could have fun mixing metals with gold and silver accent pieces.

The most important thing to remember is that your office space needs to work best for you! You are the one spending the day in your office, so add elements of design that will make it that more amazing. Don’t forget to consider practicality and functionality when picking out furniture and accessories. As fun as interior design may be, at the end of the day, some work still needs to get done!

Images courtesy of Cocoon Furnishings