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Time to tuck in to a four-poster bed

In the days before central heating, the comforting curtains of a four-poster bed kept sleepers warm overnight. Today, they’re back in vogue as dramatic statement pieces that frame and define the sleeping space, blending with the sparest of decor themes. Today’s sleeping beauties feature clean geometric lines, as in the pared-down Summer Four-Poster from UK-based Get Laid Beds, available in pine or a choice of hardwood ($1,200 to $2,700 for the basic pine frame, getlaidbeds.co.uk). You might even be inspired to hack together your own four-posters with a wooden bed frame, extra-long screws and some four-by-fours. When it comes to curtains, ditch traditional velvet valances for a single sheer fabric swathe—or nothing at all. Feeling bohemian? How about a sumptuous length of sari silk? Or opt for utter fairy-tale fantasy with a custom piece like this queen-size Tree Bed by California metal artist Shawn Lovell (from $22,500, slmetalworks.com). It’s certain to conjure sweet dreams.