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Tick Tock Design With The Clock

When thinking about incorporating clocks as a focus of your interior design, I've got a few tips.

Time is essential in our lives. We have to keep track of it, schedule our days by it, and make decisions based on it.

As a design element in a home, a clock can be more than just a reminder of what part of the day we are in or that we are late, again. Clocks have the ability to be terribly practical and functional while also being fun and charming.

Before looking around your home and thinking about whether clocks should be front-and-center in your home decorating, I have a few tips to help decide on the best clock for your style and space.

Scale. Think about the size of the clock and where you want to place it. The size of the room doesn’t necessarily dictate the size of the clock. An oversized clock that covers nearly an entire wall is a major statement piece in any size room. If it’s a small space, the huge clock may want to be alone in the visual dominance game. A large space can handle more than one major statement. If you are less into large décor, a collection of vintage alarm clocks on a shelf could be sweet, especially if you set them to different time zones.

Material.The versatility of the clock mechanism makes it so that almost anything with rigidity can become a tick-tock clock. So clocks can be DIY-made in virtually any material and blend seamlessly into your home décor. I fancy clocks made with natural materials, like wood, in a casual room. Small subtle tabletop clocks in a crystal or metallic can add to glam-ambience in most every space.

Theme. Playing with a theme can be fun in an interior design project. Clocks can be made to suit any passion or interest, from upcycled bicycle tire clocks to steampunk gears clocks to vintage telephone clocks. If you love birds or playing cards or kiwi, there is a clock for you, too. While it is fun to play with whimsical items, when going with a theme it is important to have a keen editing eye so that your fun space doesn’t take a left turn into odd-land.

We are showing-and-sharing clock upcycles and clock interior décor ideas on our next #HOSSdesign Twitter chat on Wednesday, February 15th at 8pmET. I hope you’ll stop by and say hello.