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Things You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Chandelier

The crown of lighting, there is a chandelier for almost every room.

The ceiling has been known to be an under-talked-about part of a home design plan, especially when discussing why you shouldn't paint your ceiling white. It is time to give the ceiling it’s due, as it is a vast area in all of our homes. And it is a perfect place to sparkle and shine with a chandelier.

If you have never chosen a chandelier for a house, it can feel a bit intimidating, as there are so many options and the scale of a chandelier typically makes it a large item, as well.

Before you make a major lighting statement, I have a few tips to help your decision-making process while you consider filling up your shopping cart.

Scale. Before you think about anything else, settle on the size of the chandelier. You’ll want to measure for a range in width and height. Oftentimes a light that is about a foot smaller than the table’s smallest measurement is a good gauge for width. This allows the light fixture to fill the space without being an obstacle for the diners. For height, the hanging distance from the ceiling comes into play. Make sure there is at least 30 inches between the table and the bottom of the chandelier, so that it is easy to see your friends and family at the table.

Style. There truly is a chandelier for every style. While the most popular and trendy styles are often stocked in showrooms, you can find anything from vintage cast iron Art Nouveau to Victorian chandeliers with opalescent shades. Even if you aren’t married to one style, it’s ok. The transitional style and global modern style allow for flexibility with mixing in traditional, handmade, and contemporary pieces in a home.

Type. Before you fall in love with a chandelier, think about the long-term relationship. What kind of light do you like? Are you a warm light love or a midday full sun kind of person? Do you mind changing light bulbs or would you rather avoid it? If you like warm light, make sure your new fixture is suited to easily finding bulbs in the 2700 K range, and if you don’t want to change bulbs, an LED light fixture may be your best mate. Then beyond the kind of light, you’ll have a decision to make between crystal, beaded, candelabra, and shaded chandeliers. And there are small chandeliers that plug-in, too.

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