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There is a Way to Rock Lace in Almost Any Space

Lace is trending and I have a few tips to make it yours.

Lace may be centuries old, but it doesn’t have to feel old fashioned in your modern home.

If you are a lace connoisseur then you already know the differences between various kinds of lace and how it has been used throughout the centuries, from men’s collars to home furnishings. Made from thread or yarn, the web-like creations have been passed down through generations, and become more popularly associated with weddings and grandmothers.

But the style of lace can be so much more than our pop culture stereotypes. And I have a few ideas that can turn lace into an alluring part of a stylish home.

Pop of lace. If you are intrigued about using lace, but aren’t ready to commit to it, think about a pop of lace in your home. Using just a small sampling on a throw pillow or as part of a tablecloth can add a bit of fancy. When adding a pop of lace, make sure to use a complete pattern of the lace. This means that if you have to cut the lace from a larger piece, follow the design as the outline for the sample.

Bold pairings. A bright color can turn anything into a modern look, and lace is no exception. Whether you are adding a lace-like detail on a cake or adding lace trim to a curtain, when a bright white lace pops on an on-trend bold color, the lace can’t look old fashioned.

Pattern power. The pattern of lace can make an interesting detail for a room screen, a wall stripe detail or furniture finish. Adding a pop of painted lace style is as easy as using lace as a stencil, and layering paint. Incorporating the lace look gives a global mix appeal, which is very on-trend, as well.

Colored lace. Lace does not have to be white. Aging the lace with tea, or using a colored lace layered on another colored fabric can be an interesting look for a girl’s bedroom or a mom’s home office that really doubles as a little indulgent retreat.

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