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The Return of Steven Sabados

One year after the tragic death of Chris Hyndman, Steven Sabados is back with a new collection, a new outlook and a new show

For a designer, launching a new collection is exhilarating. It’s when months and even years of hard work and passion come together to create art. After all the planning, the furniture and accessories that will soon become part of people’s daily lives are finally real. For Toronto designer and TV personality Steven Sabados, the launch of the S&C line is an exciting time, but it also comes with a touch of sadness.

It was one year ago when Chris Hyndman—Sabados’ partner in life and design—was found dead in an alleyway close to their Toronto home.

“It's been bittersweet obviously,” says Sabados at a launch event for the new S&C collection. “It's been exciting to see a lot of the things come to fruition that collectively we designed. There are details on a lot of pieces Chris and I talked about. It's exciting to now see it all. I know he would be incredibly proud.”

The new collection

The motivation behind the latest S&C collection echoes a constant theme in the designer’s work—a desire to create classic, but fabulous furniture.

“It's always been our motivation to create timeless furniture with a bit of an edge or a bit of attitude,” says Sabados. “That's where the fabulous comes in, because that was always our thing. It's a feeling you want to talk about. It’s a comfort; it’s kind of cheeky and puts a smile on your face.”

Stand out style

The S&C Collection is comprised of five design pillars: furniture, lighting, decorative accessories, rugs and bedding.

When faced with choosing some of his standout favourites, Sabados playfully resists, saying it’s like trying to pick a favourite child. Finally he relents, saying it’s the bold statement pieces that he loves just a little bit more.

“I love our new navy sofa. It's hot off the press and it is one of my favourites,” he says. “Just the scale alone is fantastic and it looks and reads like velvet but has this incredibly durable microfibre. It’s cool when things look luxurious and untouched, but are actually more family-friendly than anything out there. And the fact it has chrome feet just elevates it and gives it that wow factor.”

Most of the “wow” in the line comes from Sabados, who admits his personal style is more eccentric than Hyndman’s ever was.

“I have a background of being an artist and my style is a little more quirky, whereas Christopher was always traditional in the sense he'd loved symmetry; he loved monochromatic; he loved rules. I like to push the envelope a little bit.”

That explains the skulls, which are found in the many of the line’s accessories.

“Those are all me,” he says. “I’ve always had an obsession with skulls. I just think that they're awesome. They're incredibly spiritual and I have a spiritual connection to them. Some people find them to be too much. My mother is always like: ‘why do you have all these skulls in your house?’” he laughs.

Next steps

Now that the S&C Collection has launched, Sabados is exploring his creative side and is working on reproducing his personal photographs and turning them into wall art. In addition, he also has another big project on the go—his return to TV.

While the name of the show has not been announced, Sabados will star in a CBC lifestyle series, appearing as the show’s design and decor guru along with three other co-hosts. The lifestyle show will also cover health and wellness, fashion and food.It’s set to premier this October.

Moving forward, Sabados also says he’ll continue to focus on his passion: designing beautiful pieces.

“This industry is constantly moving and shifting and changing, so we're always designing,” he says. “We never sort of sit and rest.”

-by Rachel Naud