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The Greatest Canadian Garage!

Increased property value, functional storage and bonus play space.

Sounds great, but what the heck am I talking about? Your garage, of course! So many homeowners forget that with a little creativity and smart planning, you can transform that ignored space into an area that adds value and everyday function to your home. From an investment perspective, I often advise people to keep their main spaces, kitchens, bathrooms or living rooms, neutral and classic. The garage, however, is an area where you can have a little fun. At our home just outside Vancouver we did just that.


When I was a kid I played endless hours of hockey in our driveway and carport leaving a pattern of tennis ball impressions all over the back wall. Today, with two kids of my own, and a very steep driveway, I took that childhood inspiration inside the garage and transformed it—hockey style!

The first step before renovating any room in your home is to make sure you have a clear objective, budget and timeline. We had three goals for our garage.

1. Park the car in the garage.

2. Organize and store everything off the floor with easy access.

3. Create a cool space where the kids could play year-round.


We started at the top. For the ceiling, I installed 3” tongue and groove flooring. Wrapping the wood down one wall helped to capture a warm West Coast feel while keeping the aesthetic clean and light.

Storage is vital for a functional garage space. We wanted to make sure that everything in the garage had a home. A combination of ProSlat and Monkey Bars gave us the ability to store tools, sports gear and Christmas decorations just like a DIY museum. These products are adjustable and customizable and have countless attachments to allow you to display and store all your gear.

We created a wash-up area flanked on both sides by Husky Tool Chests from Home Depot. The area includes custom upper cabinetry built by Troico so that we would have closed storage.


The most exciting element in the garage is the stunning white ‘ice.’ Eric from TKO Concrete and I came up with the first ever ‘hockey rink’ epoxy floor application including blue line, goal line and crease. I’m a huge fan of an epoxy floor in the garage. It allows for easy clean up and makes the space feel finished and professional.

Before you are done, add a few personal touches. After all, your home should reflect you. Don’t be afraid to sprinkle in some personal items that have a story and some history. A vintage Mt. Baker sign pays homage to the mountain I learned to ski on and my first pair of ski boots is also on display. There’s also a hockey stick signed by Wayne Gretzky and an old-fashioned sled I refurbished for my kids when they were babies. A great memory of good times gone by, and inspiration to have many more! –H

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Install the tongue and groove with a brad nailer (nailed on an angle into the tongue to hide all nail holes) using a rubber mallet to make sure the seams are tight. It’s quick, clean and an easy DIY project.

Don’t forget that custom cabinets can be used in all kinds of applications. To save a few bucks, pick them up from the supplier and install them yourself.

Epoxy eliminates all the old stains and hides any small cracks in the concrete.Our goal was to maximize the usable square footage and the value of our house. Mission accomplished.