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Spring Cleaning Garage Makeover with Carson Arthur

Tis’ the season to start the spring-cleaning and in my house that means I get to tackle the garage. More than 70% of Canadians admit that they can’t park their car in the garage because it has become the default spot to store all of the awkward items like ladders, wheelbarrows, and garden hoses. Unfortunately, I fall into this category and even though every spring I organize with the best of intentions, by June my truck is back out on the driveway.

This year I plan to make some significant changes to my spring-cleaning rituals for the garage. I am investing in a garage organizing system: Gladiator Garageworks. I want to make the most of my wall space with cabinets, hanging racks and shelves. My goal is to find a home for everything in the garage and still have lots of room to park. 

Here are my simple tips on how to make the most of your own space: 

Get everything off the ground 

The size of your garage is very important when it comes to storage, and you definitely want to make the most of what is available and being able to see the entire floor makes a room more spacious. Utilize racks and wall mounting systems to get awkward items like bicycles, garden rakes and shovels up and out of the way.

Add light

The biggest downfall of most garages is the lack of light. While saving wall space for storage instead of windows is a great idea, it’s very important to add light fixtures to ensure that your garage is bright. A well-lit garage is important for safety as well. Being able to see any possible hazards is key to ensuring every- one’s safety.

Invest in cabinets

Like a kitchen, a well-designed garage system combines shelves, counters and cabinets. Too often the garage becomes the home of opened paint cans, toxic cleaners, garden chemicals, or even cordless power tools. Look for units that can be locked and secured.

Customize to meet your family needs

Every homeowner uses every garage differently. Having the ability to customize your storage solutions is key to making any space meet your needs. According to several online sources, renovating your garage has an ROI (return-on-investment) similar to that of a kitchen or a bathroom reno. So not only are you making the most of your living space, you are increasing the value of your home at the same time! That’s a win-win in my book!

Photo Credit: Dann Tardif