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Simple Solutions: Painting a Ceiling

Painted ceilings are hot right now and I’m not just talking about the classic off-white – not that there’s anything wrong with that. But these days, people are creating dramatic effects with colour. (Some people are even using wallpaper on the ceiling, but that’s another story!) Whatever look you’re going for, painting a ceiling is pretty easy if you have the right tools and a little patience. Let’s do it!

Set up

First, put some rubber soles on your feet and grab that stepladder. Use some 3M painter’s tape to mask off the perimeter of the ceiling -carefully placing tape along the wall, just where it meets the ceiling. Pour some primer into a clean coffee can or jar and get yourself an angled paintbrush. (For the best results, plan on one coat of primer and two coats of colour.)

Get started

First, paint the entire ceiling edge with the brush . And every eight feet or so, go back with a small roller and roll over the brush-painted edge to prevent seeing brush strokes later

The real work

When your edge is done, use a roller extension pole to reach up and paint the rest of the ceiling, focusing on one, 8-square-foot section at a time. Roll a "W" with your roller, going from right to left then left to right. Press lightly on the roller when overlapping previous sections so you won’t see lines when it dries.

What about colour?

The right colour is the one that works for you. It’s a personal choice and an important one. Whatever colour you choose should help create the feel you’re looking for in your room. It’s no secret that off-whites are the most common ceiling colours. They make the room feel taller and reflect light really well. They let the walls do the talking.

Want to walk on the wild side?

Dark colours work well too, and they give any room a cozy feeling, but keep in mind that they will also make the room feel smaller. If dark isn’t your cup of tea, try tinting your white or off-white paint with your wall colour for an elegant change of pace. Or consider adding a pop of colour with a ceiling stripe border. You can go with a bright contrasting colour here, if you want to be bold. Or make a gentle match with the room’s decor.

Shhh..... a secret about wallpaper

Wallpaper on the ceiling is very much trending on my jobsites lately. Yes, really. Try paper on the ceiling and paint on the walls. There are so many types of wallpapers available, from metallic paper to faux sharkskin, to crystals, leather and vibrant prints. I’m just getting started!

Whatever you choose, have fun creating your room, take your time and make it your own. Remember, your ceiling is your fifth wall. Show it the respect it deserves.