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Sarah Baeumler’s 4 top tips on designing kids’ rooms

As a mom of four, I understand the importance of creating a bedroom your children love that also maintains cohesiveness with other rooms in the house.

Whether for a toddler or a teen—you want their space to be fun and functional. Children’s bedrooms are a great place to get innovative, utilize some bold colours and patterns and involve the kids! Here are some tips I like to keep in mind when designing their rooms. 

Your child’s tastes and preferences are going to change as they get older. Whatever they like right now, will likely not be the same in a few years. Try to stay away from doing the entire room in the latest theme or trend, as your child is going to grow out of it and move on to something different. 

It is important to include your child in helping with the design of their new bedroom. Of course you will have great ideas of your own, but consult with them as well since you want their personality to shine through in the room’s design and style. Give them some options when it comes to the bedding and wall art since these are things that are not permanent and can be changed later on. For older children, I love the idea of setting aside a space for studying with a desk and a chair. Not only is this another great way to get your child involved, designing a space of their own might provide some motivation to finish that math homework they usually dread! 

Mixing patchwork of colour and texture throughout the room is also important. One of my favourite ways to do this is with (you guessed it) wallpaper! If you’re a bit hesitant to do the entire room, try doing a single accent wall first. Rooms with walls that are broken up by paneling, trim or large windows are great examples of how integrating a bold wallpaper pattern can be done without overwhelming the space.  

With spring vacation just around the corner, I constantly find myself looking up and thinking of palm-filled horizons—and warmer days! I love getting inspired by the weather and creating fun designs that incorporate seasonal accents. One of my favourite fabrics is by Lilly Pulitzer. Her designs are fun, vibrant and use bright splashes of colour that provide great additions to a girl’s bedroom. A fun, DIY project would be to take some Lilly Pulitzer-inspired fabric and create pillow coverings, a duvet cover for the bed or even a decorative window treatment like curtains. 

With these tips in mind and your child’s inspiring ideas, you will have the perfect bedroom in no time! So grab your kids, get creative, and have some fun designing a space that works for them as well as the rest of your home.

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Lilly Pulitzer

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Kate Davidson Design with Photography credit : Stephani Buchman