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Outdoor design trends with Carson Arthur

Easy, outdoor living.

Spending money on the front and backyard pays huge rewards. It delivers great return on investment and the lifestyle perks are obvious - who doesn’t want a dream backyard to relax in? To spot the best products in outdoor living, I spend a lot of time at tradeshows, design meetings, and in colour consultations with trendsetting companies across the country. I’ve really been able to get ‘hands on’ with a lot of great products that I think will be huge hits for this year’s patio season. Here are my winners for this year’s summer season.

‘Tank-in’ outdoor fire tables

Everyone loves the ambience that fire brings to a backyard at night, but it’s not always as simple as a fire pit and pile of logs. For many of us, municipal bylaws prevent backyard burning. We might not have enough space, or we just don’t want the mess involved with a real fire. Fire tables are a brilliant solution. These are simply tables that offer a fire element and have a propane tank hidden inside. Look for these new styles of fire dining/conversation tables. They are higher than a regular coffee table, making them perfect for eating and conversation, while they hide the fuel neatly inside.

Brown pressure-treated wood

Companies like MicroPro Sienna have been in limited markets for the last few years. 2017 will see this natural toned wood all across the country. It’s perfect for any wood application and certified for use around fresh water sources.

Stone pavers and veneers that look like wood

You no longer have to decide between a deck or a patio in your backyard! Now you can improve your home’s value with the warmth of wood and the longevity of stone. Rinox has created a stunning collection that looks just like wood, complete with knots. These products allow you to bring warmth into a space, the same way natural wood does, but lasts three times longer with the durability of stone. Veneers have also cracked the top five for best renovations for R.O.I with an expected return of over 92 per cent.

Garden technology

When it comes to outdoor gardening and landscaping tools, product advancements mean bigger is no longer better - and gas-powered tools aren’t always more powerful. New innovations in batteries and auto-sense technology have made cutting the lawn so much easier! Having power in a compact tool not only saves space in the garage, it allows every homeowner the opportunity to take on even the toughest of outdoor jobs with ease and confidence.

Solar chandeliers

Let there be light, exactly where you want it! While candles might be the romantic choice, having a chandelier or a hanging light under the gazebo is definitely a close second! I love greener options when it comes to the outdoors, and having a simple solar panel attached to a chandelier makes so much sense. You place the panel on top of the shade structure and charge your light all day long. At night, you have free light!