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Neoprene furniture and home décor?

Athleisure may be sneaking into home décor If you are already wearing neoprene for more than just athletics, then you may not be surprised that it is starting to show up in home design and decorating.

Most of us are probably most familiar with the material as drink koozies. And this is a good jumping-off point for thinking about the material’s properties at handling temperature, moisture, and durability. A potentially perfect material for busy families filled with mess-creating little ones. No wonder it was adopted for scuba diving in the 1950s.

Designers have been experimenting with neoprene as a material for furniture for decades, but it’s been mostly just that, experimental. With the growing popularity of neoprene on fashion runways and on the show “Project Runway,” neoprene is turning out to be more than just an experiential non-scuba material. Maybe it’s the growing desire for elevated athleisure wear, or maybe it’s the hi-tech vibe that neoprene exudes.

No matter the reason, I'm suspecting that you may just be finding neoprene in the aisles of your favorite home décor store very soon.

We’ll be talking about neoprene as a material for home design and decorating on the next HossDesign Twitter chat on Wednesday, January 4th at 8pmET. I hope you’ll join us.