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My style with Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson is an award-winning designer who has hosted four hit HGTV shows (Sarah’s Cottage, Room Service, Design Inc, and Sarah’s House) and is known around the world for jaw- dropping transformations that turn ordinary spaces into magazine-worthy rooms. Her new book, Sarah’s Style (2014) is a room-by-room guide to designing your perfect home.

How would you describe your personal style?

My design style is an expression of modern interiors informed by a classic perspective. And I’d say my wardrobe is similar. I’m never a slave to the latest trends and think my personal and interior style are similar in the way I appreciate: tailored, streamlined silhouettes with accents of bold print and artisanal accessories.

Who are your style icons?

Carolina Herrera, Ralph Lauren, Iris Apfel, Elsie de Wolfe, Andree Putman. I’m drawn to creative individuals whose style permeates everything they do; from how they dress to how they live. And I think having a unique perspective and point of view is paramount.

Has your style changed over the years?

As a designer, my job is to experiment and try new things all the time. I’ve tried a lot of different ideas for my TV shows (which are generally spaces tailored to the tastes and preferences of my clients), but my essential style and approach to design hasn’t really changed. Of course there’s some evolution after 20 years, but I still gravitate to the same influences year after year.

What city in the world best exemplifies your personal style?

Depends on the day of the week. During the week I’m probably modern meets classic London, and on the weekends I’m New England charm.

What is your favourite era, fashion and style-wise?

It’s hard to beat the elegance and innovation of Deco. Nearly 100 years on, it still reads as modern.

What style elements from other eras do you wish would make a comeback?

I think the best elements always come back - that’s the beauty of the age we live in. It moves fast and design is always moving forward while borrowing from where we’ve been.

What is the worst style trend ever?

I can’t pick just one, but I think the Wham/Madonna/Material Girl lace/neon thing that reminds me of middle school wasn’t a great moment.

What fabrics and colours are you drawn to?

Blues and greens, white, cream and grey neutrals in a range of natural fibres. The simple pleasures in life are my favourites so I like natural materials and take inspiration for colour from our natural surroundings. Never met a linen I didn’t love!

What are your personal style essentials in your home, your wardrobe, or your life?

For my wardrobe, I love Smythe Jackets and Seven jeans. In my home, I prefer calm interiors that are made personal with original art.

What's on your style wish list?

Well, I couldn’t say no to a Rothko, a Twombly or an Albers!