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My Style with Interior Designer Alexandra Cirimelli

Interior designer Alexandra Cirimelli embodies eclectic chic. A quick look around Serenite Maison, her antique & design store in Leiper’s Fork Tennessee (just a stone’s throw south of Nashville) shows off her signature style – with French Chandeliers hanging over distressed country tables, themselves covered over with vintage religious jewelry and antique pottery. The former California girl moved to Leiper’s Fork Tennessee in 2003, and found a place to call home – and a very successful business. Cirimelli quickly outgrew two smaller spaces before landing in her current home: a 3,000 square foot historic building with a colourful past of its own as a general store, hair salon and gas station. Today, it’s home to Cirimelli’s own personal field of dreams, most of them acquired on buying trips to Europe for her store and her design clients. We asked her to tell us about her own sense of style and design.

How would you describe your personal style?

I’d call it relaxed, classic and eclectic. It always includes antiques because I find the craftsmanship and stories attractive and they always help transform a house into a home.

Who are your style icons?

First, my mother, Norma Ina Rauscher. She had an amazing sense of herself and her own personal style. Designer Sue Balmforth of Bountiful Inc has an absolutely fearless design style that I have always loved and respected. Whether she is working on a personal home, TV show or movie, she makes very bold and unique decisions that seem effortless, classic and tasteful.

What city in the world best exemplifies your personal style?

There isnʼt a city, really. It’s more of the French countryside meets American farmhouse meets industrial lofts. Seriously!

What is your favourite era, fashion and style-wise?

I love late 19th and early 20th century American and European design

What style elements from other eras do you wish would make a comeback?

I wish we’d return to having an awareness and respect of scale and proportion when designing.

What is the worst style trend ever?

Tearing down an architecturally significant structure and replacing it with something new that has no architectural relevance to the surrounding area.

What fabrics and colours are you drawn to?

Soft linen, worn leather, old paint with natural patina and muted tones speak to me.

What are your personal style essentials in your home, your wardrobe or your life?

My amazing husband, Gary, my family, my chosen family, all my rescue animals, my 56' Ford pickup truck, my garden, my favourite leather club chairs, lots of musical instruments around the house and a home filled with history. As well as a home “of” history: my 1860s farmhouse!