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My Style with Beverly Hills 90210 and Sharknado actor Ian Ziering

Best known for his role as Steve Sanders on the hit TV series Beverly Hills 90210, Ian Ziering has been an actor since he was 12 years old. These days, many fans enjoy him in the kitchy, cult fave Sharknado film series. When he’s not battling sharks, Ziering can be found designing his own clothing line (Chainsaw brands) and writing his lifestyle blog, AtHomeWiththeZierings.com, which he runs with his wife, Erin. We caught up with Ziering to ask him about his personal style.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is a mix of classy and elegant, with a dash of irreverence. That, balanced with a staple of jeans and T-shirts.

Lately, I've been spending a lot of time working on my own clothing line, Chainsaw brands. In today’s world of hustle and bustle, finding the right style can be very challenging. My taste tends to be more a hybrid crossing work and play: good-looking clothes for hardworking men. The kind of style that lets you look great without looking like you’re trying to.

Has your style changed over the years?

When I was young, it was all about fitting in, being on trend. Now that I'm older, I don't care about trends as much as I care about being comfortable in my clothes and my environment.

What city in the world best exemplifies your personal style?

Definitely New York City. No other place in the world brings together so much cultural and architectural diversity.

What is your favourite era when it comes to fashion and design?

Probably the time of the industrial revolution. So much was going on and everything was changing so rapidly: clothing, manufacturing and technology.

What elements from other eras do you wish would make a comeback?

I wish I had an opportunity to wear a suit more. I remember my dad putting on a suit every day to go to work. There's something that really speaks to me about that dressing process. It's almost ceremonial: finding the right suit, putting on a crisp shirt, making the perfect knot in your tie. It's like psyching yourself up for a successful day. When you take time to put yourself together to look good, whatever the challenge, you're gonna kill it because you look and feel so good. Nothing inspires confidence like dressing for success, especially when your style is on point.

What is the worst style trend ever?

Cropped t-shirts on men and high-waisted jeans on women.

What fabrics and colours are you drawn to?

I prefer earth tones and cotton or cotton blends. There are some incredible things happening with synthetic fabrics as well; it's not your mom’s polyester anymore.

What are your personal style essentials in your home?

I live in a mid-century modern home, with floor-to-ceiling windows that really go a long way to bring the outdoors in. Since we live in a heavily wooded area in the Hollywood Hills, the home has a tree house feeling to it. When I first moved in 23 years ago, I renovated everything. I sand blasted the wood beamed ceiling to reveal the natural wood colour but something else happened that was an added bonus. Where there was pulp, the wood receded; where there was harder sap-infused grain, that stayed true, and gave the beams so much character. I found hand hewn reclaimed teak from Malaysia and used it as flooring. I took a picture of an old barn door years earlier and had the house cabinetry custom made to look like it. I'm a very detail-oriented person so all the design elements in the house have a special quality to them. If I had to label the interior design style, I'd have to say it's industrial/rustic because there's a smattering or rusted corrugated steel design elements mixed with stainless steel all up against a backdrop of different woods

What's on your style wish list?

Because this home is pretty old, I'd love to bulldoze it and rebuild a similar structure taking advantage of green sustainable technologies. And maybe add a dog wash!