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Kate Davidson’s Top Tips on Designing Your Mudroom

Having an organized mudroom is a wonderful thing!

Having an organized home is a wonderful thing. With such hectic lives balancing work, school and activities; having organized landing zones for bags, equipment and paperwork will help keep your home organized and make your life a little less stressful in 2016. Having an organized mudroom or entrance in your home that is functional and beautiful is a great attribute to your home and lifestyle.  When I design mudrooms for our clients, I find it interesting to see how each client’s organizational needs differ greatly. 

Carefully consider your lifestyle when designing an organizational space for your home 

Do you have pets that require food bowls and beds? Children who have backpacks, hockey equipment, swimming gear or dance bags? And what are your needs? Create a perfect space to store the numerous bags, shoes, coats, electronic devices and paperwork you use every day. 

Determine where is the best space in your home for this organized landing zone 

Having a dedicated mudroom is ideal, but depending on the layout of your home, you may need to think beyond your entry and create an organizational space in your kitchen, garage, basement or create concealed storage in furniture in a principal room near your entrance. 

Design your organizational space to best suit your needs with custom cabinetry 

With the help of a designer who can design and draw out innovative storage solutions and the skills of a cabinet maker; your dream organized space could be completed within a few weeks. 

If you decide to go custom, we advise you sit down with a designer to avoid costly mistakes and to determine and create the most functional cabinetry system. Would you prefer to have everything concealed, or do you want open hooks and shelving for easier access? Would you make use of a bench incorporated into the cabinetry? Consider double-duty opportunities that can add to valuable cupboard space. Pull out shoe shelves, specialty drawers for keys and electronic devices as well as rods and shelves that can adjust as your child grows are some key ideas that can be integrated into custom cabinetry. 

Being more budget-conscious, stock cabinetry from large retailer stores like Ikea and Home Depot will help reduce costs, but keep in mind the cabinetry only comes is standard sizes and can be very labour intensive to assemble and install. You can also think beyond the traditional built-in cabinetry. Maybe a large antique armoire will do the trick? There are lots of ways you can customize the interior to suit your needs. Additionally a large dresser or cabinet can serve as an attractive statement piece in your hall or living room while the interior can store away extra shoes, bags and paperwork.

Accredited Designer Kate Davidson is the principal of Kate Davidson Design inc. The firm is a multi-disciplinary interior design firm. Provides complete design, renovating and decorating services for residential & commercial clients throughout the GTA. The firm focuses on creating stylish liveable spaces as unique as their clients. www.katedavidsondesign.com @KateDavidson_

-by Kate Davidson