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JF Fabrics Launches Wedgwood Home Fabrics and Wallcoverings

Historic brand comes to Canada and the U.S. with contemporary new look in April 2016.

Iconic British luxury lifestyle brand, Wedgwood will be available in Canada and the U.S. in April 2016 with the introduction of Wedgwood Home Fabrics and Wallcoverings. The concept, which was conceived in collaboration with British fabric house, Blendworth, will be distributed exclusively by JF Fabrics, starting with its inaugural collection, comprised of 45 fabrics and 15 coordinating wallcoverings.

Wedgwood’s coveted heritage patterns have been given a contemporary treatment with this collection, ideal for the modern home. According to Andrew Hancock, managing director of Blendworth, the brand decided early on that its designs should not simply be literal translations of Wedgwood pieces but, rather, original adaptations of existing patterns. “Taking this approach has allowed us to mix and match elements from various designs and collections into entirely new compositions,” says Hancock. The process began with Hancock and his team identifying specific designs they felt would translate well into textiles and wallcoverings. Working closely with the design team at Wedgwood on the direction of the range, Blendworth took current design and colour trends into consideration in order to give the heritage patterns a contemporary look.

“The Wedgwood Home concept is exciting as it allows us to bring stunning Wedgwood-inspired creations to existing consumers but even more so, the collection allows us to tell the Wedgwood story to a new audience too,” says Leigh Taylor, vice-president of marketing and design for Wedgwood. “We’re confident that Blendworth’s partnership with JF Fabrics in North America will be successful and this launch marks a very exciting chapter in the Wedgwood Home journey.”