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Interior Design Ideas for Your Child’s Bedroom

Creating a kid space can be so much fun. There is more freedom to go into themes and use bolder colors that we might never choose for a dining room or grown-up bedroom.

Before embarking on a pirate ship bed or creating a campsite in your kid’s bedroom, there are a few things to keep in mind while planning out your bedroom makeover project.

And remember this is your child’s bedroom, not the bedroom we dreamed endlessly about as kids and never actually got. So make sure your kids get involved as much as is age-appropriate. Whether or not you narrow down the choices to 2 or 3 for them to make the final cut, is up to you.

Size. Oversize and undersize are key to creating a playful and useful kid space. Oversized wall art and décor are ideal for making a magical setting, enveloping the room in a fantasy. The small furniture and storage spots will balance out the otherwise bold choices. The key is to keep a planned color palette in check.

Texture. Kids love touching everything, so helping them get comfortable with a range of textures—from faux fur to wood will help them adjust to new spaces.

Color. A white room isn’t going to be much fun or stimulating for a child. A rainbow explosion of color could be way too much stimulation for sleeping or for kids prone to distraction and visual stimulation overload. Create a balance between the meditative walls and areas of calm colors and those bold colors in the play zone.

Hide-out. Kids love tucking themselves and their treasures in little niches, so why not incorporate a few little places in the design and décor of the kid bedroom? This won’t eliminate the natural desire of place-making, so you may still stumble upon a blanket fort in the living room.