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Inspired by the apple for home interiors.

It may be near the end of apple picking season, but it’s not too late to pick up some apple inspiration.

Green, yellow, or red, the apple’s bold color is a striking contrast to its interior. And I’m inspired by the apple’s appeal. (yes, that was a apple joke.)

Apples are crisp, delicious, and we’ve been eating them since at least 6500 B.C. Like any inspiration, sometimes it’s fun to take something we may otherwise overlook and celebrate why that ‘something’ has become so integrated into our everyday.

So how do you design a home interior based on an apple?

Go classic country apple.Think red-and-white plaid classic country. If you execute the vision with an editing eye, the country appleinterior design ideascan be cute and stylish.

Try farmhouse modern apple. An apple interior décor that is farmhouse modern combines unpainted rough sawn wood and white ceramic décor elements, with clean lines and bold solid colors. The elements arefewer and simpler than classic country.

Simplify into a modern apple. If you love the look of a fresh, clean interior design, and the yellow, green, or classic apple red colors make you happy, the modern apple aesthetic might be for you. It’s an unfussy, extremely simple look with some wood tones, and few classic molding or lighting elements. For the modern apple, it's about the simple and bold statement pops of apple color.

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