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Create Your Ideal Backyard Grill Station with These Tips

There are few moments in life when we can separate from the technology of modern life and actually behave in a natural way. Grilling food is one of those moments.

It's hard to not think about gathering for a backyard party when someone mentions the word "grilling." The simple act of using a small fire to cook food is as old as cooking itself, but for some reason we still desire to gather around that fire and communally enjoy what comes off the grill. Grilling is a celebration, a celebration of eating with friends. 

For any celebration to be enjoyed equally by hosts and guests alike, there is some degree of prep involved. Grilling with friends has a less involvement than a high tea, so this list of ideas to help create your ideal grill station is fairly simple. 

Gathering area. 

The grill station is usually a social spot at most backyard parties. It's wise to anticipate that guests will naturally gather around the fire and food, so place a few chairs and small tables for your guests to feel welcome to gather. 

Food variety. 

Yes, you may know all of your guests favorite grilled items, but it's definitely a good idea to always include something new. Trying a new food or sauce together as a group creates a fun shared experience, which is what a party always tries to create. 

Serving platters. 

Even if you think you need only 5 serving platters, bring a few extra. Some people enjoy food cooked longer than others, and this creates the need for more trays, plates, and platters than you may initially imagine. Having unused items on hand is a much simpler problem than running back-and-forth into the house for something to put the burgers on, while your guests wait with grumbling bellies. 

Grill tools. 

Tools are essential for any job around the house, and grilling is no exception.Grill tools need to be maintained, and kept for the act of grilling. Because the cooking style is different, it isn't wise to use the inside cooking tools for the outside grilling. Think about the menu of items you plan to grill, and then gather those tools ahead of time. Having a small table next to the grill for the tools, or creating a hanging rack for them will make grilling easier and more efficient. 

Sauces and spices. 

Create a designated spot for a selection of spices and sauces for your guests. You can make a little toolbox tote for them or keep the selection on a tray so it is easy to display and easy to clean up after the party.

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