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How to Mix Metals in Your Home Design

If you think that you need to match the door handle finish with your lighting, let me set you free from that constraint.

Mixing metals, in a tasteful and careful way, can turn heads in a major way.

In the world of fashion, we’ve set aside the notion that you have to match your shoes with your handbag. We’ve set aside the idea that if you wear a gold wedding band, then your watch and earrings must never be silver. We know that the word ‘go’ is way more interesting and stylish than the word ‘match.’

In home design, it’s the same idea.

Toss out the idea that you are married to nickel in your entire bathroom if you have fallen for a nickel faucet. You can marry that faucet and still love your lighting or hardware that is aged bronze.

If you like the eclectic textural quality of a global decor look or the rawness of an industrial interior or even the sumptuousness of luxe-styled home, mixing metals through layering interior elements is part of the design creation.

And a room can look lifeless and sterile if everything ‘matches.’

When mixing metals, it’s more important to use them in the same way as if they were colours. If your sofa is pink, you wouldn’t feel that your chairs and artwork need to be the same hue of pink.

When putting patterns or colours together, there’s always a ‘star’ feature. Same idea goes with metallics. For the metal parts of the space, it could be the iron radiator or the vintage bronze mirror. Consider the sheen, the style of the decor item and the size of the metallic surface.

What do you think about mixing metals in home decor? I’d love to know. Share your comments below or send a tweet.